Flower Music

Hardbound Edition
I recently read a book called the Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. On the cover Elle Magazine salutes it as “instantly entrancing” and I was not disappointed. You can watch an interview with the author here to find out what inspired her to write the book and how she first learned about communicating with flowers.

After reading Vanessa’s book and then coming across the song Chrysanthemum, I thought about what fun it would be to blog about songs with flower names in their titles. Therefore, I’ve created a new category to Dulcet Dreams called Flower Music. It’s in the same format as my Blog-A-Song category with a video and a song story or a write-up about why it inspires me.

If you have written or know of a flower-themed song that has touched you let me know – I’d be glad to invite you to share your story here as a guest blogger!