All my comments Lost TWICE!

Home OfficeOk, so I’m on a learning curve. Because I’m receiving comment spam I changed my settings and added a few key words to the black list and it deleted all my comments, NOT ONCE BUT TWICE,┬áin one sweep.

So Andy, Jodie, Alisa, Gary, Christy, Ellen and Scott now we can no longer see your lovely thoughts, and I apologize. Bear with me while I learn to navigate in this new beautiful world and discover how to effectively keep the evil infiltrators at bay.

5 thoughts on “All my comments Lost TWICE!

  1. hmm.

    I use blogger, and like it a lot. Of course, my blog is more an invite-only sort of deal (the ‘real blog’), so I don’t deal at all w/spam comments….

    Tho’, come to think of it, the blogger-blogs I’ve hooked up to my regular website – that ARE findable – have never gotten spammed either, that I can remember! Hmm – don’t know why?

  2. I was going to ask you about Blogger Christy since I know your blogs are there. For now, the spam has suddenly stopped but maybe bcz I reported them all as spam while deleting them. So perhaps I’ll stay put for awhile and see what happens. It was scarely there for awhile tho’! Man those things came like a flood or a plague and now they’re gone!

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