NKM New Website Design!


I am in the process of redesigning my website which is great fun.  Stay tuned and hopefully I will post it at the beginning of the new year.  The reason I do this is to keep things fresh and new – plus, because I’m a creative, I can’t help myself – I’m always in Creative Mode.  Since my website is through Hostbaby I have access to the templates they provide.  The newest development available is that within the templates I have more liberty to customize the template I choose to my liking.  It gives me more options without having to get a degree in graphics design or pay hundreds of dollars to a web designer.  Website on a budget, so there you go!  In essense I can put as much time or as little time as I want into the design with the functionality remaining pretty simple.

Just thought I’d share that.  Click HERE if you are interested in a musician or author website of your own!  Thank you HostBaby!