Empty Bowls

I donated music to the Idaho Food Bank for their Empty Bowls Event held at The Grove Plaza on Nov 26th. This is a little movie I made featuring my song Red Dress which is on my Christmas CD. My good friend Alisa Costa held the camera while I sang! Thank you Alisa! More on the story below the video.

It was tempting to not show up at the Empty Bowls event the day after Thanksgiving. I was scheduled to play a set at 2pm but the weather, although 20 degrees warmer than Tuesday, still threatened to be cold and blustery. I wasn’t just worried about my own comfort however; I also had misgivings about exposing my Yamaha keyboard to extreme cold. As long as it didn’t snow or rain, I figured it could survive for up to an hour, but I was apprehensive nevertheless.

Another reason I was tempted to stay in, the day after Thanksgiving is traditionally a replenishing day for me. I like to wake up slow, putter around and tidy up the house a bit, decorate, go for a walk. So to rouse myself to play music outside just didn’t have the romantic allure it did when I said I would donate my time. But I have to admit, when I thought of the food bank people working all day outside, the least I could do was show up for an hour and play.

So, bundled up like a Michelen man, I helped Stan load the keyboard into the car and we drove downtown. We double parked on 9th Street with our flashers on and wheeled the piano to the stage which was a flat bed on wheels provided by Admagination Studios. Tom Frazee was thankfully there to help me set up and do the sound. He would also be announcing me and I found out he is nicknamed ‘the voice of God” because he has such a powerful baritone – and I can see why! Woweezow!

It was also great to see Tom’s partner Nancy Roache. The paper said she was on the lineup for music too. I remember both Tom and Nancy from when I played the Boise River Festival events. Stan and I were recently reminiscing about how they organized the music for that event each year and it was amazing!

Anyway, I’m glad to say I played my set with relative ease, although my fingers didn’t cooperate as well toward the end, so the simplified version to those last 2 songs seemed to do the trick.

During one of my songs a tall thin man with a handwritten “Homeless” sign stood by and listened for awhile. I was thinking when I sang to him that if I made the trek down the hill just for that one song for that one man, it was worth it. Too bad I didn’t think to video him or snap his photo but I guess the serenade was what I was there for anyway. I trust he got some soup!

I haven’t found out what the Food Bank raised that day but I hope they made their goal. They were competing with the busiest shopping day of the year as well as bad weather, so they did well just to be there to get the job done!