Bringing the Outside In!

Here’s a video of harvesting my mums and herbs just for fun! A follow up to my last post on gardening which you can view here if you haven’t read it already.

Latest gardening news: Besides cutting back the perennials and cleaning up the beds, I’m just about to plant some bulbs around the Kelly House. I’ve got my bulbs, bulp planter, and bag of bulb booster but it’s raining today. Dang. I hope it doesn’t freeze this week so I can get them in the ground in time. Guess you’ll have to come back next Spring to find out so to be continued I hope!!

Patio Cover Project

Handy Man Stan (sorry honey, I couldn’t resist!) worked on a patio cover in late summer early fall as part of our back yard project using some salvage materials. The boards were from old Utah signage he brought home. The beams were left over 2 x 12s ripped in half to 2 x 6’s and the paint was left over from various jobs and our house paint. The shingles and brackets for the posts were purchased new. Next spring and summer we’ll begin installments of the rock wall garden with materials he got in work trade!

Till then here’s a couple videos to show our progress.