This Old House

Yes, I borrowed the name from the PBS Show so I hope they don’t mind. Hmmm they could use my chorus for their theme song if they wanted!! I’d deal!

Black and White of our House in July

 Click here for a listen!

This song is the first one written in our house in Boise.  I wrote it in May 2007.  It tells a bit of its story and sort of heralds the new life we enjoy living close to the city.  Since then I’ve written a few others that mention this great house like On The Porch, The Chicken Soup song of my last blog post, and a song for my brother who lived in this neighborhood years ago called Ring The Bell.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this first offering of a project that will enfold song by song.  I’ve started a photos page on my website to take snapshots of the journey; so click here: THE MIX HOUSE if you are interested in following.  I’ll be posting more here too though!  So stay tuned and to be continued for sure!

our cpa certified wood burning stove and living room