Manzanita Wind

Camping in July at Nehalem State Park, Oregon

Manzanita Wind Instrumental played by Andy Stone

Early Morning Beach Walk

Stan and I recently took our yearly jaunt over to the Oregon Coast.  We like to tent camp at Nehalem Bay State Park (which has electricity and showers).  The camp ground is between Nehalem and Manzanita just about 30 minutes from Cannon Beach.  For some reason, lots of Boiseans stay at Lincoln City which has always perplexed us, but we are usually considered a bit odd so there you go. 

Daily quiet time destination

Our activities consist of eating seafood, walking on the beach (which for me includes writing in my journal and mulling over ocean song ideas), reading, sleeping, driving into town, eating salt water taffy and buttery soft carmels, and fresh local blueberries, drinking good coffee and so on.  After a week of this we drive back home wishing we could stay longer but grateful for the respite.

Stan reading in the afternoon

If you’d like to view the rest of the pics they are posted HERE.

Speaking of Ocean songs, I’ve written quite a few over the years – enough for a full record .  You can listen to a 15 year old version of Manzanita Wind HERE.  I do hope to record it again especially now that my voice has dropped in range and mellowed in tone.  My England friend Andy has been working on an instrumental version of the song you can listen to HERE if you missed the link at the top of this post.