A Simple Life

Little Garden Sun

I just wrote a song called A Simple Life. I’ve seen the title before and wasn’t planning on writing my own version since I’d already written Simple Things that sort of says the same thing but from another era. This time, though, it was born out of a cathartic necessity to declare once and for all that this is the kind of life I want. I don’t want to be consumed with someone else’s intense agenda that’s motivated by (only God knows) what? Even if that person’s doing a good thing and it’s the current trend to jump on board that dream ship.

Blue Daisies

But how intense should I let my own agenda become? That is the question. If I put my hand to the plow and try to implement everything I’m reading in order to get my music ‘out there’ — there wouldn’t be a simple anything. Instead, if I do what I can at a healthy and normal pace, excellerating here and there when the energy arises, wouldn’t that, at least, assure a bit of joy in the journey as the saying goes. I hope my instincts are right on this one because I am more inclined to keep a balanced life, incorporating new strategies that work for me, rather than to feed the driven frenzy that I could jump into at anytime.

A Simple Life isn’t about not working. It’s about giving yourself a gift of compassion by allowing time for yourself to work toward your own goals. It’s about not giving into the pressure to look like a good person by always working for someone else’s idea of what’s right. Why get caught up in someone else’s dream unless it’s your dream too? I know that goes against the grain of political correctness and the typical Christian Culture way of thinking because it sounds self centered if not a bit narcistic. To the contrary, honing A Simple Life isn’t about not giving back. It’s about giving your time where your heart nudges you but with boundaries. It’s about showing kindness to yourself and working a little (or alot) everyday toward your goals and then giving back when the opportunity arises but only if your heart is inclined to participate.

Check out Stan working on the worthy goal of our own dream – painting the house by July 4th! Most of the battle is in the preparation: scraping off the old paint, puttying and caulking, then spraying on a primer coat. But even with all the hard work, he’s happy to be working on something that’s ours!  You can view all the pics I’ll be posting if you click HERE!

Stan painting our house!Lots of preparation first though...working toward a worthy goal

Overall view of front and sidePainted front and porch - now we just need the shutters and new porch railings

Dinner on the Grill

 Stan and I decided to grill outside for our dinner last night –

Veggies and Cookies

I cut up the veggies in big chunks and Stan grilled them with jumbo shrimp, olive oil and seasoning. Stan decided to throw in some cookies (dough is already made) and voila. Add a little french bread and butter and there you go! (someone obviously sampled the cookies already)

The Shrimp!

Check out Tiger and Phoebe – they stepped up to the counter the minute we stepped away! “Heya Dad, we’ll take a little shrimp!”

Phoebe and Tiger standing guard hoping for treats