Spring Color

I recently dug into my archives and pulled out SPRING COLOR, the title song to my 1993 recording project, dusted it off so I could upload it to this post.  Back when it was recorded, I only duplicated it on cassette tapes.  Recently my friend Andy converted it to an mp3 and emailed it to me – Thanks Andy!
Check out Spring Color on video made with my flip camera – got inspired by the new life of the season once again!

When I began to conjure up lyrics for this song, I remember walking along a dirt path at the edge of a farmer’s field in Springtime beneath the magnificent sky that stretches between both sets of mountains that surround the Treasure Valley. This particular year spring had come unusually early and I was almost afraid to trust it’s inception. Today as I meander near the Boise Train Depot overlooking the city, I notice last week’s snow still clings to the mountains even though it’s late April, but the parks are greening up and the tree buds are ready to sprout open. The breeze is nearly a soft 70 degrees as if Mother Nature has finally given us an overdue benediction of Spring, even though the first official day of the new season was almost a month ago. Of course, the forecast could change at a day’s notice and be 54 and rain again.  Oh well, as the saying goes, “April Showers bring May Flowers”.  Regardless, anticipation crescendos as the promise of more days like this one permeate the air accompanied by bird song and the flutter of wings! 

Last week on FaceBook both my cousins, Scott and Bruce, were trying to decide whether they could finally put away the snow shovels and tire chains!  Since they live in New Hampshire, my thought is as soon as they store the winter tools in the garage, attic or shed, a Northeaster will blow through in May and they’ll just have to dig ’em out again.  BUT if they are kept in plain sight where everyone can trip over them, this will ensure the uninterrupted continuance of Spring at least till June! For Summer Time they may get away with pushing them over to the side of the garage or shed, but then again, the trunk of the car till next Winter is better yet!

April Colors / Early March  

Tell me what the chances are

that my April flowers bloom and star

with Spring color / how I love Spring color


Rather risky this early Spring

causing my heart and the birds to sing

or will Winter wind come claim everything with his icy fingers

and steal away Spring Color


Have you ever seen pristine virgin green

The color of my dreams – Spring Color

Purist angel white like blossoms in moonlight

Oh, the perfect sight –  Spring Color


If I could paint my innermost dreams

I’d have to start with the color of green

of the leaves on the trees at the earliest sight of Spring

I have a fancy that hope would be white

somewhat like the glow of warm candlelight

Angels in flight – you almost see them – not quite


Hopes and dreams are painted in Spring Color

Crystal clear in vision I become

I have come from underneath Winter’s frozen cover

In fertile soil, cleansing rain and sun


Purple rain clouds / Rich brown earth

Shades of yellow proclaim rebirth

Second chances just like the first

There’s reassurance in the appearing of Spring Color

Crystal clear rebirthing of my dreams

NancyKellyMusic C 1993

This Old House

Yes, I borrowed the name from the PBS Show so I hope they don’t mind. Hmmm they could use my chorus for their theme song if they wanted!! I’d deal!

Black and White of our House in July

 Click here for a listen!

This song is the first one written in our house in Boise.  I wrote it in May 2007.  It tells a bit of its story and sort of heralds the new life we enjoy living close to the city.  Since then I’ve written a few others that mention this great house like On The Porch, The Chicken Soup song of my last blog post, and a song for my brother who lived in this neighborhood years ago called Ring The Bell.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this first offering of a project that will enfold song by song.  I’ve started a photos page on my website to take snapshots of the journey; so click here: THE MIX HOUSE if you are interested in following.  I’ll be posting more here too though!  So stay tuned and to be continued for sure!

our cpa certified wood burning stove and living room

Manzanita Wind

Camping in July at Nehalem State Park, Oregon

Manzanita Wind Instrumental played by Andy Stone

Early Morning Beach Walk

Stan and I recently took our yearly jaunt over to the Oregon Coast.  We like to tent camp at Nehalem Bay State Park (which has electricity and showers).  The camp ground is between Nehalem and Manzanita just about 30 minutes from Cannon Beach.  For some reason, lots of Boiseans stay at Lincoln City which has always perplexed us, but we are usually considered a bit odd so there you go. 

Daily quiet time destination

Our activities consist of eating seafood, walking on the beach (which for me includes writing in my journal and mulling over ocean song ideas), reading, sleeping, driving into town, eating salt water taffy and buttery soft carmels, and fresh local blueberries, drinking good coffee and so on.  After a week of this we drive back home wishing we could stay longer but grateful for the respite.

Stan reading in the afternoon

If you’d like to view the rest of the pics they are posted HERE.

Speaking of Ocean songs, I’ve written quite a few over the years – enough for a full record .  You can listen to a 15 year old version of Manzanita Wind HERE.  I do hope to record it again especially now that my voice has dropped in range and mellowed in tone.  My England friend Andy has been working on an instrumental version of the song you can listen to HERE if you missed the link at the top of this post.