About Dulcet Dreams

As a singer/songwriter I sometimes get a hankering to say a little more than an announcement or sing a short 3-4 minute song.  Blogging is the perfect format to dig a little deeper and share what’s on my mind.

So much to say - so little time!

I live in Boise Idaho. I love to share my music in coffeehouse venues, art galleries and festivals and even in someone’s backyard or living room. I’m married to Stan and we have 2 grown children, Ben and Ashley, who have turned out to be amazing people.  Benjamin is a private consultant, legislative advisor, and serves as President of his own firm – Kelly Associates.  Ashley is a kindergarten teacher at a fine charter school in the area.

The Kelly Fam

We love living right up the hill from Boise DownTown.  We ride our cruiser bikes to dinner alot.My Cruiser at the Train Depot

We are dogless for the first time in over 20 years – not an easy new status – having had to make the decision to put our sweet Phoebe down.  She was a chocolate brown Labrador who was a gentle companion to both of us after we had to say goodbye to our golden retriever mix, TigerDog, who passed away about 5 years ago and is also sorely missed – sigh.  We know there will be another dog in our future, but for now we are feeling our feelings and trying not to rush anything.

Phoebe is a chocolate labrador and TigerDog is a Golden Retriever Mix

My musical writing style has evolved with my life phases and I eventually settled down into a simple folk niche. It best seems to blend my musical roots and the kind of music I like with the type of voice I have. Simplicity and honesty are at the heart of folk songs. They evoke that sitting-on-the-porch type of feeling. More than ever, I want to convey that hominess with my songs and my aim is to let it come through in my writing.  I’m busy learning two new instruments – the piano being my main instrument till now – so hope to get even homier and rootsier with my mountain dulcimer and ukulele! piano-dulci-uke

That’s it in a nutshell.  But to be continued, of course, and most likely fine tuned and edited. 😉